House of Mayo is located in the beautiful hills of Huntington, Vermont. 

House of Mayo sits right on the Huntington River, nestled between the 250 acre Green Mountain Audubon Center and another 200+ acres of undeveloped mountainside on Mayo Rd. The large test kitchen studio offers multitudes of kitchen equipment- everything from the VitaMix and Champion juicer on up to a modern chamber sealer, immersion circulators and PacoJet. The studio is spacious, professionally lit, and also contains a 150+ library of cookbooks and culinary texts. Photography and video rates are competitive, and rates are also negotiable for large projects. Please email Zach anytime to discuss pricing, 

Beyond the kitchen studio, Huntington VT is the gateway to some of America's most picturesque country roads, including Route 17's dizzying Appalachian Gap. 

House of Mayo

1345 Mayo Rd

Huntington, VT




Test Kitchen Equipment List

  • Four Burner Gas Stove, 19k btu
  • 6qt KitchenAid Mixer
  • Champion Juicer
  • 2x CuisineArt Food Processors
  • 2x PolyScience Immersion Circulators
  • PolyScience Chamber Vacuum Sealer, 300 Series
  • VitaMix Blender
  • PacoJet
  • Isi Whipping Siphon
  • Pasta Rollers
  • 80sq ft of Counter Area
  • 2x Large Coolers for Storage
  • Large Freezer
  • Extensive Cutlery Collection
  • Extensive Storage Container Supply
  • Servingware, Flatware, Glasses
  • Warming Drawer
  • Wine Refrigeration
  • Immersion Blender
  • PolyScience Smoking Gun
  • MAP Gas & Propane Torches
  • Fully Stocked Larder

Somewhere between north and south, east and west is a place bordering on incredible. Not a single store, a vast site where over 18,000 culinary professional members go 25/8 for news, help and signature recipes. 



We work together:
to sell the finest, cleanest food,
to support our local farmers and producers,
to teach and give great 

Where cooks can quickly find that oil Boulud uses, that perfectly balanced paring knife, or that size 3X jacket. A destination, whether you cook for a living or a loving, as dedicated to cooking as you. Welcome to the cooking district. Where profession meets obsession.


service to  our guests, staff, vendors and truckers,
to enrich the communities we love,
to energize everyone we meet!

Restoration & Performance Motorcars has been an enormous supporter of House of Mayo. If you have any interest in acquiring an older vehicle for driving, collecting, or investing, these guys are the best in the business. 

Make sure to check out their blog at to see what projects are happening at the shop.